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I just found out that Warner Bros jumped ship on HD DVD.  After May '08 they won't be producing anymore HD DVD titles.  So we can say goodbye to The Dark Knight in HD, noooo!!!  Thanks Sony, and your monopoly of the market (note heavy, heavy, thick as hell sarcasm).

That's just about the equivalent of a crotch punch to me.  Looks like I'll have to ask for it for Christmas next year...  Friggin' Bluray.

Also, I finished the She Hulk color, check her out...
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My first drawing of the New Year, the lovable and sometimes threatening She Hulk.  She's buff, but hopefully not too buff.  Check her out in my gallery.

Happy New Year.
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   Anyone else see the new Dark Knight teaser yet?  The movie looks awesome.  The trailer has the same feel as Batman Begins, which reassures me (Begins being the most badass Batman interpretation to date).  I was skeptical about this dude being the Joker, but now I'm pretty psyched to see it.

   Also, not that I would ever condone bootlegging of any kind ;), but there is a YouTube copy of the 6 minute IMAX "I am Legend" Batman preview.  It's sweet.  Well actually it's crappy quality, but what's happening is what will give you diabetes...

   It's there, but you didn't hear it from me.
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   Hey, for anyone who didn't know, (just about all of you) I did illustrations for Maddox's book, The Alphabet of Manliness.

   I uploaded a piece I did for it in addition to a mock cover.  It's entitled World's Manliest Birth, that should pretty much spell it out for you.

   Check 'em out.


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   Woohoo, finally cracked quadruple digits, took you jerks long enough.  If you haven't already, check out the colored Freddy vs Jason piece.  I uploaded a higher res version than my normal 600px tall, but there are still suckers using 800x600 monitors out there...

   Anyway, saw the Mist, badass, now I'm reading the book.  New favorite quote, "Have you ever been to Knuckle Beach? It's a totally different world... a world where orange soda is an acceptable substitute for breast milk."

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   Just got back from seeing Beowulf.  I saw it in standard 2D, can't wait to see it in 3D, half of those shots were made specifically for it.

   Here's a movie review for anybody who cares or actually reads these.  One word, Friggin' Rad and friggin' Badass.  Okay, more than one word, but it earned 'em.  Beowulf's effects, action, and flow were amazing.  Even the best of movie's have scenes that are slow, or boring, or just overall interupt the speed of the film; but this movie never dragged.  Everything was either necissary(that's not how you spell that), or interesting, nothing extra.
   Some story points were changed from the original epic, but it still works.  The action is undeniable.  Action supreme.  Man vs Sea Creatures, Man vs Monster, Man vs Dragon.  Seriously, the dragon fight will rock your face off.
   We're all artists here, I don't think I need to comment on the FX.  I mean seriously, just check out a trailer or a TV spot or something, they speak for themselves.

   Great flick, check it out if you can.  And for any of you that have seen it, you probably loved it, so check out Fandango to see some of the negative Fan Reviews, they're hysterical.  People are idiots, I swear...

More art coming soon, Tom.
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   Hello everyone, thanks for your comments and feedback.  I'm working on a ton of new art, and I'll be posting it soon.  But to hold you over, I've posted the inks for my new Black Canary Pinup.  Thanks.

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   Hello anyone who is actually reading this, here is my deviantART page.  My name's Tom Pollock and I'm an animator/illustrator.  This page will give you a chance to see some of my work, but if you want to see more, check out my website.  Here you'll find animation, video, wallpapers, a ton of crap.

   So, thanks to everyone who takes the time to look through my work, it's much appreciated.

Tom Pollock Jr
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