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Since I lured you in with the awesomeness, that'll come first.  The new trailer for Terminator Salvation, check it out:… insane.  And I know alot of you are skeptical about an Arnoldless Terminator, I was too, he IS the franchise plain and simple...  But what they're doing with this flick can't be denied, pure badass.

And just incase you've been living under a rock, here's the teaser trailer to the new Transformers as well:… It's equally kick ass.

Okay, now the small update...

I arranged some stuff in my gallery and thought I should let you know.  Almost all my pencil sketches have been moved to the Scrapbook within my normal Gallery Page.  Just letting you know incase anyone's like, "Where'd it go, you deleted my favorite drawing!!!"  Death threats, mass panic, etc.

And all the colored pieces now have links to any of their corresponding pencilled pieces, and vise versa for easy back and forth access (that's what she said).

I also added two folders just incase you care, personally I never got into the whole folder thing, I just usually look at what's in the featured gallery and move on...  But it seems alot of people like the folders, so I figured I'd oblige.  I added a VS folder, and a Superhero Pinup folder.

A very insignificant update I know, but there you have it.  But, I'm also working on a new VS piece, which I'm sure is going to spark much debate... Especially within an artist community.  I can see the hate mail already, muwaaaahahaha!!!

And does anyone know how to get rid of that little "mood" guy below?  I can't find a selection for "none."
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Another milestone, 25,000 views.  Again, I'd like to say thank you to eveyone who made that happen.  All the Favorites, Comments, and Watches, thanks so much.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

So here's a little something in return, a sequel/prequel to my recent deviation, Burger King vs Ronald McDonald... McRomance.  I hope you guys like it as much as the original, or at least "almost" as much, because the original got a huge response.

You can see them here:
Burger King vs Ronald McDonald

Thanks again everyone, I hope you enjoy McRomance, and there's more art to come...

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Well, I received my first ever Daily Deviation for my recent Burger King vs Ronald McDonald piece today.  And I wanted to thank everyone for all the favs and comments, I really appreciate it.

I don't know much about the Daily Deviations, or even where to see them, but I especially wanted to thank :iconcaitlynmario: and :iconaunjuli: who suggested it and featured it.  Thank you ladies, you've made my day.

I woke up this morning to over 1,400 messages in my inbox, and I was like, "Nah, that can't be right."  But to my surprise it was, and everytime I sort through 100 of them, there's a hundred more!  So needless to say it's going to take me quite a while to get through all of them.  I'm going to try to get back to everyone I can, but for everyone that I can't just know that I'm very thankful.

Thanks again everyone, I truly appreciate it.

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Which movie is better, Batman Begins or The Dark Knight?

I'm looking for opinions here.  I want to know what everyone thinks on the subject, so feel free to leave some comments.  Kind of a pointless topic for a journal, but I've seen even more pointless ones, and I'm curious, and now with the Dark Knight on DVD, I'm sure alot of people will be watching it.  So what better time to ask, am I right?

First off, I want to be very clear, The Dark Knight is awesome.  It shows people without a doubt that a "comic book" or "superhero" movie can be a legitimate "Film."  I loved it.  And in know way am I bashing the Dark Knight.  Having said that, I'm also going to say that Batman Begins is clearly the better of the two.  That's right, I said it, Begins is better.  And here's why...

Maggie Gyllenhaal, terrible.  That's all that needs to be said, but what the hell, I'll say more.  Her acting was horrible.  Many people protest, saying Gyllenhaal's a better actress than Katie Holmes; but myself, only seeing each actress in their Batman roles can clearly say no.  Holmes kicked her ass.  Gyllanhaal's Rachel was unlikeable, unattractive, and a straight up bitch.  And it's nothing to do with the writing, it's all Gyllenhaal, snarky and unappealing.  Holmes may have been the weakest cast member from Batman Begins (but who can even blame her, Freeman, Oldman, Bale, Caine), but she never held the movie back.  Gyllenhaal's Rachel brings the movie to a screeching halt, even taking you out of scenes at times.  In multiple theatre showings I witnessed audience members applauding her demise, as did I.  Why they cast her is far beyond me.

Dark Knight, not enough of it.  Seriously.  What action we did get was good, but sequels are known for having more action than their predecessors, Dark Knight did not.  Could have used another two action sequences in my opinion.

No, I'm not going to complain about the villains, there Dark Knight takes the win.  Sporting two of the best movie villains ever, this is what makes it a tough call between the two movies.  Often praised for Heath Ledger's incredible Joker, The Dark Knight's real secret weapon is Aaron Eckhart's Harvey Dent/Two-Face.  Like Ledger, he's friggin' incredible as the character.  You couldn't have gotten better actors for these parts.

Ultimately Batman Begins invests you more emotionally, delivers more action and excitement, and has a female lead you can actually care about.  Although Dark Knight has an incredible score, grand scope, and two of the baddest baddies I'm sure we'll ever see on the big screen (at least any time soon) it's just not enough in my opinion to beat out Batman Begins.  Begins which in my opinion, is one of the best movies ever made, but that's another argument altogether.

Let me know what you think.  Batman Begins, or Dark Knight?  And for those of you that "know" the Dark Knight is better, give me valid reasons, I want to hear them.  Let the hate mail begin.;)

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Hello all, not a major update, so feel free to delete it if you've got something better to read...

Anyway, sorry for the lack of new art, been busy with a few things, first, Work.  Speaking of which, if you haven't seen my new TV Spot, check it out at my website:

Next, and much more enjoyable, my visit with the beautiful and badass :iconsweetchile: aka Julia.  She's awesome by the way, incase you haven't figured that out yet from seeing her amazing artwork.  And fans of hers will be jealous to know I had the pleasure of witnessing her rock-out to Guns-N-Roses on several occasions, headbanging and all.  We also visited New York, Philly, and Great Adventure's Fright Fest.  Great vacation indeed.

We also had a big Halloween party at my house. For which I decorated to all hours of the night, and attended as Eric Powell's "The Goon."  Julia rocked a killer Axl Rose costume.  Pictures soon...

But rest assured for the 7 of you who care, new art is on the way.  Happy Belated Halloween.
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Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been cranking out a lot of new artwork recently.  But thanks for all the Comments, Favs, and Watches, I really appreciate it.  But good news, I do have this, a new animated TV spot for CJ's Tires.  You can check it out at my site: in the Animation section of the Gallery.

Let me know what you think.

More art to come, hopefully...;)

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Well, sort of...

Anyone who's read the most recent Amazing Spiderman know's what I'm talking about.  I won't spoil it, but a certain fan favorite is back in the Venom Symbiote.

The next issue is on Wednesday, and it's Venom vs Anti-Venom, with Spidey caught in between.  And John Romita Jr is drawing it again, so it's gonna be sick...

And I guess this journl officially makes me a geek of somekind.
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It's not 100, 50, or even 20k, it's only 10.  But thank you all the same.  Thanks for all the comments and favorites, it's very much appreciated.

As a thank you gift to everyone who made that happen, I've uploaded a Catwoman piece ala Michelle Pfeiffer.  How hot was she in that friggin stitched up suit, huh?  Friggin' unbelievable.  Anyway, you can check her out here:… or see the steps involved here:…

Again, thank you so much.  20,000's next people, get crackin'.

And if you haven't checked it out yet, go see BTFF Film's new movie trailer, Penny Savers...

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Action, check...  

Explosions, check...

:icondeviceajar: getting shot in the face, check...

:iconmullanaphy: weilding a bow and arrow, double check.

The theatrical (sort of) trailer for the new actioner, Penny-Savers.  Check out the trailer and tv spots on the official site.  Be prepared to get a hard-on...

Necklace Knife Money$$$
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Just got back from the midnight show of The Dark Knight.  First, I was there a full 50 minutes early and still had to scrap for a seat.  And not only was there one sold out show at the theatre, there were six.  On a weeknight, at midnight...  I go to a lot of movies and never have I seen this kind of reception.  I think Batman's on his way to smash some records, and he deserves it...

I won't spoil anything for you, but here's my take.

The music, badass.  Christian Bale, badass.  The action, the cinematography, the story, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, everything you can name about this flick, badass.  But the true greatness, not to repeat the same thing people keep saying (although there's a reason they keep saying it), is Ledger's Joker.  There won't be another movie villain that even compares.  It's a bold statement, but when you see, you'll know why it's true.  He's not the comic's Joker, he's his own entity, and as he puts it, an unstoppable force of nature.  I really don't have the words to describe his performance.  It's not out of sympathy, or heightened expectations, it's just THAT awesome...

Not at all impressed with Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes.  Many complained about Katie Holmes in Batman Begins, and though she was the weakest part of the movie, I don't think she ever held it back.  Gyllenhall is very unbelievable in this.  She forces a phony personality down your throat, and comes off as a very ungrateful character when she's got dudes saving her life at every turn.  I was practically begging for Katie back at the end of her first scene.  Hopefully we'll get a strong likeable female lead in the next one, please Selina Kyle, please.

Batman Begins is probably my all time favorite movie, it's a toss up between it and Terminator 2.  So after all the trailers, tv spots, clips, and general hype I assumed this would be my new favorite flick.  I'm not so convinced anymore.  Don't get me wrong, It was great.  Amazing really, in a league by itself when it comes to superhero movies.  It was huge, and epic, and a driving film, it's truly one of a kind.  But is it better than Batman Begins?  Let me know what you think, and if so, why?

I hope it smashes the box office's brains in...
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Nothing major in this journal, just Batman related anticipation...

The Dark Knight is just 8 days away, if you have a midnight ticket that is, for the rest of you chumps it's 9 days...  I saw Batman: Gotham Knight yesterday, it's more than worth picking up on DVD.  6 different animation styles, all kinds of awesomeness.

Obtained an early copy of the Dark Knight score (that's soundtrack for you who don't know), and it's fantastic.  It has a very dark, very dirty sound to it, if that makes any sense.  Better than the first one, much bigger too.  A lot of fast paced songs, which gives me hope for lots of action in the film.

There's 14 clips from the movie online, and it looks incredible.  Check 'em out.  The Joker is going to be nuts. I've never seen anything Ledger was in, but he looks like the right choice for this new Nolan approach to the Batman films.  Can't wait for this movie, and I can hear Julia laughing right now as she reads this...
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Just got back from seeing Kung Fu Panda.  Me and my buddy felt a little akward sitting amongst a sea of 6 year olds, but we're animators, sometimes that comes with the territory.

As far as the movie goes, it was fantastic.  Every aspect of it.  Art direction, action, lighting, animation, even the comedy.  I know it's geared toward little kids, but it was really funny.  Maybe that's just because of Jack Black, or the animation, or most likely the combo of the two; either way, it has something for everyone.

The fight sequences were amazing.  People defying gravity, getting hit through walls, and fighting in mid air, pure sweetness...  It had everything you could pretty much ask for out of an animated movie.  I highly recommend seeing it.

The opening credits were worth the admission price alone.  It was Samurai Jack, on steroids, then exposed to gamma radiation, and someone got him angry.  It was so spot-on it had me and :icondeviceajar: debating the whole way home.  Was it 2D or toon-rendered 3D?  You tell me (the opening sequence)...

See it.

Also, Philly Wizard still sucked royally.
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Wizard World Philadelphia was this past weekend, and it was very disappointing. Every artist I talked to said it was slow, too slow...

I only did about half the business I expected to.  So, needless to say, I've got a lot of extra prints and sketchbooks to sell.  Let me know if you're interested.  Send me a note or an e-mail, thanks.

Surprisingly, here on Deviant it gets no traffic, but MegaMan vs Earthworm Jim was my most popular piece at the con, beats me...

What kind of pieces would you all like to see in the future?

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That's right, I'll be at the Philadelphia Wizard World all three days this weekend... Selling prints, doing sketches, all the usual.  If you're in the area, come out an see me and I'll hook you up with a free sketch.  Just remind me you're from Deviant.  I'm at table 2005 in Artist Alley...

I also uploaded some new DC sample pages I just finished.  Check 'em out, Supes vs Metallo!

See you there.
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I'll be at the Wizard Convention in Philadelphia at the end of the month.  If you're in the area, drop by, I'd love to see some of my six fans...

I added a new Wonder Woman pinup to the Gallery, it's nothing special, but it's worth a look.

Prints.  Prints and 2008 Sketchbooks to be exact.  I'll be selling them at Wizard and also online.  If you're interested, send me a note, or send me an e-mail through my website's contact page:

See you there, and more last minute pinups on the way...  Also, Iron Man was badass, if you haven't already, check it out.

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Yeah, it's not so exciting when there's guys throwing around hundreds of thousands, and even a few up in the millions, but everybody's got to start somewhere.

Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone who's checked out my work. All the Favs, and Adds, and kind comments have been very much appreciated.

To say thanks, I've added a new piece up in the gallery that I've been saving for a week or so.  It's a photo re-creation piece of the model, Cassandra Lynn.  You can see the original if you Google Image search her name; it's a few pages in (sorry, I'm too much of a jerk to post a link).  Anyway, it's not as identical as some of the pieces I've seen here, but it's close enough.

I've realized that here on Deviant sometimes it's not so much art quality as it is subject matter... I'll see the crappiest naked superhero sketch with 50,000 views, but an amazingly illustrated and painted piece at like 250.  It's not right, but there's nothing you can really do.  That's why I've stooped to their level and gave you pervs out there some hot chick ass, but without sacrificing quality (you tell me), I hope you're happy.  I hope you're happy...

All that aside, I think it's the perfect piece to kick-start my journey to 10,000.  I hope to see you there.  Thanks again.

Tom Pollock Jr   
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Hey, I've uploaded my new TV Spot animation to my website, here's a link:

It's in the Animation section of the Gallery, titled "CJ's Spot 2."  Feel free to check out more videos too, there's some kick-ass stuff on my site if I don't say so myself.  But I just did.  I uploaded the "clean version," essentially what I handed to my boss (no title cards/store info at the end).

Check it out, let me know what you think.
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Yes, that title was to get you to read, but still, it's true.

Aside from some stand alone gems, (Cowboy Bebop, Spriggan, etc) it's really starting to piss me off.  And not the amount of it, or what it is, or even the style really.  I am truly glad there's an industry for animation geared towards adults.  The thing that I hate more than anything, is that the dudes don't look like dudes...

What happened?

When did male heroes become so pretty? Watch Advent Children without the sound, and yeah, there's some kick ass fights, but it's all chick fights.  Without the voices, these characters all look like girls (with the exception of the black dude and two others).  It's sickening really.  They all have lady-faces.  Small slim noses and chins, thin bodies, with no shoulders, super homo-erotic haircuts and the like.

I miss the days when men looked like they stepped right off a roll of paper towels.  They were rugged, rugged as hell...  They had square jaws, and huge shoulders, broken noses, and could punch down trees with their bare hands, who needs an axe anyway?

If you don't look tougher than me, I don't want you saving me.  That should be the model for all male heroes, anime or not.  Chicks, I think they pretty much got that one down.  The less clothes/hotter the better.  So I encourage everyone, draw men, like men!

I can't tell you how many times here on deviant, I've clicked on the thumbnail of some elf chick, only to have the full size load as some asexual riddle of a person.  Not cool.  In protest, I'm going to do some pieces of anime characters actually drawn in their "proposed" sex.  Dudes will be dudes again people, and I'm bringing it to you... I suggest you all do the same.  Draw Cloud, as an actual man for example.
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It was Awesome.  Easy 9.5

Every aspect of it.  Concept, execution, advertising, all genius.

And for those of you who suspect there's something "secret" or "deceptive" about it, NO, it's exactly what they promised... a huge f***ing monster tearing apart Manhattan, as seen through the eyes of someone caught in the middle.  There's no "the city is really the monster" or "people are the monster," or even, "there's no monster at all," it's as advertised.

Giant Monster + City = Destruction.

The sound design was a masterpiece.   The effects, man, I have no clue how they did some of it and I even went to school for it.  Amazing.

Don't see it if the trailer didn't interest you, don't see it if you don't care, and especially don't see it if you're looking for an ending.  It has one, but  you have to remember (it tells you right in the beginning, this is found footage) but some people were still like, "gay ending."  Ignore them.  If you think it looks cool, go!

It's badass, see it...
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I checked out the new Terminator show last night, The Sarah Conner Chronicles.  Anyone else see it?  What'd you guys think?

Personally, I liked it.  The acting felt a little forced in the beginning, so I started to worry.  Like it was too dramatic before anything even happened, but as it got into the action it started to loosen up.  And there was a good solid amount of action for a 44 minute program.  Like five separate scenes.

The two Terminators were throwing each other through walls, and that's my dream come true.  They wrecked the whole friggin' house.

Overall, I'd say a slightly generous 8.  But with all that action, that's more than enough to keep me watching.

Let me know what you guys thought...
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